Welcome to Pi Sigma Pi...where Pi is not just a number, but a symbol of unity.
We are excited to have you join one of the most historic and influential organizations at the University of Texas at Austin!! PSP is a student organization that focuses on helping its members become leaders in their communities while succeeding academically and developing professionally.
"The officers and members of this org truly provide freshmen and new members a home away from home. This org has truly changed my life in more ways than I can explain. My best friends are in this org and I have grown more confident in who I am because of this org. Pi Sigma Pi has continuously given me the opportunity to improve academically, professionally, and as a leader. Each day spent at a community service event and pre-college outreach event leaves you feeling like you have made a difference in the world or in a child's life. Each social and athletic event gives you a chance to distress from school and enjoy the company of the coolest people I've met. Pi does all that for you and more. We all have different stories and come together in such a powerful way. Hope to see you at our PSP Fall Kickoff Friday, September 1st!
- Josette Ochoa, 3rd year, Advertising/Sports Media, 2016-2017 Member of the Year
"I hope for everyone to find a group of people as inspiring and humble as the ones I have found in Pi. This brilliant family has shown me its capacity to creatively solve the toughest problems, time the best jokes, and be there for each other through it all."
- Mark Reyna, 3rd Year, Economics , Member since Fall 2016

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