Academic Events

Study Nights

Every Monday, 6-8 PM


Weekly study nights provide an evening for members to come together and study in a comfortable setting. Members can enjoy a sense of community while developing a stronger academic foundation. In addition to the tutors we provide, study groups formed at the Pi Study Nights help our members develop effective study habits. The purpose of study nights is to create an academic family that allows our members to study, grow, and succeed together. We serve an average of 40 students each Monday.


3.0 Dinners



PSP members who receive a 3.0 GPA or higher from the previous semester or who have maintained a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher are rewarded with an invitation to a banquet-style dinner coordinated by Pi Sigma Pi to recognize their achievements. Typically sponsored by corporate partners, industry representatives are invited to attend the dinner and network with our members. The 3.0 dinner encourages
students to attain and maintain a high GPA throughout the year.


Test Bank


The PSP Test Bank provides members with unparalleled resources to excel academically in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Our test bank is one of the oldest in Cockrell and provides members with over 1000 documents of study material across various subjects and majors. Professors wishing to opt-out of the Pi Sigma Pi Test Bank may do so by contacting us at

Graduate School Initiatives


Pi Sigma Pi continues to advance minority education by promoting the benefits of earning an advanced degree. Every year PSP hosts a variety of initiatives such as the Graduate School General Meeting, GRE Review Sessions, GRE Reimbursements, Graduate School Visit Stipends, and Scholarships in order to mitigate the barriers minority engineering students may encounter when pursuing a graduate education.





Every year Pi Sigma Pi awards several book scholarships to exemplary members within the organization. The scholarship amount is dependent on alumni donations and available resources. The Rudy and Justa Treviño Endowed Scholarship and the Phil Schmidt Honorary Endowed Scholarship are also available to members of Pi Sigma Pi.


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