50th Year Anniversary

In 1973, Pi Sigma Pi was founded with the clear purpose of uniting minority engineers across the Cockrell School of Engineering in an effort to support their academic and professional endeavors. While a lot has changed in the past 50 years, the need for an all-encompassing minority engineering organization and our commitment to serve the needs of minority students remains the same.
Over the past 50 years, we have created a multitude of events that have impacted not only our members, but our community. We have coordinated to increase the recruitment of minority students, and striven to retain them in the Cockrell School of Engineering. For 50 years, we have not only done our best to provide our members with resources and corporate exposure to obtain jobs, but have pushed companies to realize the importance of a diverse workforce.
While we, as a community and as an organization, have confronted many barriers and challenges over the past 50 years, we have remained true to our mission. As an organization, we have proved at the graduation stage, over 1000 times over the past 50 years, that we, as minority engineering students, can and will succeed at the University of Texas and the Cockrell School of Engineering.
For all of you that have impacted our mission and/or our organization over the past 50 years: Thank you!
We hope to continue being the minority engineering organization that has impacted the lives of many and pushed for the advancement of minority engineering students.
-Pi Sigma Pi Officer Board 2022-2023

45th Year Anniversary Events

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